Truths That We Value

As a local church, we are on a journey of learning to understand the full impact of the Gospel of Jesus not only for our salvation but for our every day lives. These are some of the truths that we value:

Walk By The Spirit

When we believe in God, we no longer live by external rules and religious duty.  Instead, God has given us His Holy Spirit who teaches us His ways.

A friend of ours, Michael Eaton, has put it like this:   “When you walk by the Spirit deliberately, you fulfil the law accidentally.”

Word And The Spirit

We are a church who upholds the Word of God, the Bible, as God’s perfect, life giving revelation of His heart and purpose to us. At the same time we value and love the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

In our times together on a Sunday we want to see the Word of God preached powerfully and for people to be encouraged and built up through the our times of worship and prayer ministry.

Church as Family

Psalm 68:6 says, “God puts the lonely in families.” We love that church is about belonging to God’s family. At Forest Town Church, we see each person as a valued member of our church family.

We are a church that is learning to live in a culture of grace. This means choosing to think and behave in a way that honours God and others. These are some of the values that we are learning to walk in:

  •  Unity: In the book of Psalms it says that where there is unity, God commands a blessing. Unity comes when we choose to believe the best of others and when we choose to speak well of one another especially in their absence. Unity comes when we can talk about our differences without accusation as we become mature in love.

  • Forgiveness: Sometimes forgiving those who hurt us can be hard but holding onto offence is even more damaging to ourselves and those around us. Jesus taught us to forgive in the same measure that He has forgiven us.

  • Servant-heartedness: Jesus turned things upside down when He said that He came to serve and not to be served. In our relationships we want to be those who look out for  others, where helping out is never too much trouble.

  • ​​Authenticity: Being real with each other creates a safe place where we can help each other to grow through our weaknesses and failings. Its about being the same person in private as you are in public. It is about having integrity but also humility to learn from others.

  • Honour and Respect: Honour is something that you choose to give someone because you see their worth before God. It is about cherishing another’s reputation as if it is your own. Honour is a way of saying, ‘I appreciate you.’

  • Generosity: When we think how kind God has been to us, we want to be a people who give of our lives, our resources, our gifts and talents in a way that blesses others and builds the local church.

  • Courageous Faith:  We want to be a community where people feel safe to take risks and courageous steps of faith as they hear God for their lives.